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WhatsApp Plus v2.21.15.1 (Official) Latest Version Anti-Ban 2022

WhatsApp Plus v2.21.15.1 (Official) Latest Version Anti-Ban

The direct download link for WhatsApp Plus APK is in this article. You can now download the latest Version of WhatsApp Plus MOD APK in only two minutes. Enjoy all modern features of WhatsApp by using this awesome application.

WhatsApp Plus is an application which looks similar to WhatsApp but has the added feature of WhatsApp Plus, which makes it distinct in comparison to the other WhatsApp Apks. The majority of internet users use Simple WhatsApp but pro people such as you prefer WhatsApp Plus. GBWhatsApp and a different WhatsApp alternatives to make the most of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is extremely popular with all photo and video applications. Everybody on the planet uses the internet. The majority of people utilize WhatsApp to stay in touch with families and friends. Most of the time, we make use of WhatsApp to share pictures and videos.

Many businessmen and entrepreneurs use WhatsApp to grow their businesses. There are numerous reasons for why people enjoy using WhatsApp but due to the absence of the most essential capabilities WhatsApp can disappoint its users.

To make the most of the capabilities of WhatsApp developers have created an application that is similar to WhatsApp Similar to GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Mod and so on. WhatsApp Plus is one of these.

It lets us use the additional features available in WhatsApp. I’ve covered a complete section on WhatsApp Plus features. So if you’re interested to learn more about it, you can check it out below.

Instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp Plus APK are famous for their popularity among everyone Android users. Therefore, it’s not necessary to discuss WhatsApp and how it functions the present, and I’m not sure there is any Android user who’s not aware of WhatsApp! The Android phones are accessible to all users and, in the present, nearly everyone has encountered instant messaging apps like WhatsApp Plus Apk.

WhatsApp Plus download for Android: WhatsApp Plus brings all the features that were available in the old version developed by Railfans. The latest WhatsApp Plus was developed by Omar. But, I am rather sad to announce that WhatsApp Inc. has ended the WhatsApp Plus service.

The reason this particular version of the Apk was so well-liked by users is because it has a number options that’re superior to the regular versions of WhatsApp. The company has been unable to publish and develop it for a considerable amount of period of. As a result, we are seeing an increasing number of developers develop a altered versions of WhatsApp Plus. But none of them will last for a long time.

We have provided WhatsApp Plus Apk’s latest version available for download to you. This is surely better than the regular WhatsApp version. WhatsApp. The greatest part is that you get the app for free to download.

It also comes with many amazing features that are truly amazing. I’m pretty sure that once you begin making use of this particular version of WhatsApp you’ll become a fan!

WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is an altered Version of Original WhatsApp. This version is a modified version. WhatsApp it has many features that are more advanced are added by hacking WhatsApp. As I mentioned, WhatsApp Plus is developed by Omar. Omar changed the functionality of WhatsApp since the first WhatsApp did not include the ability to download the status or to upload large files.

Download WhatsApp Plus 2022

In addition, after receiving the original WhatsApp message there was no option to not be seen. In light of these flaws The developer created WhatsApp Plus APK. This is the feature WhatsApp users really like. It is also possible to download WhatsApp Plus MOD APK to Your Android Phone.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus v2.21.15.1 (Official) Latest Version Anti-Ban 2022
WhatsApp Plus v2.21.15.1 (Official) Latest Version Anti-Ban 2022

WhatsApp Plus Apk has amazing features that are truly incredible. These features are sufficient to delight users of all ages and make it among the best instant messaging applications. The features that are advanced in the app will make it a popular choice for anyone Android user, and make it on top of the line.

200+ Characters On Status

In the past, you might have encountered issues when creating a status for yourself. You weren’t permitted to add an extended status. With WhatsApp Plus you are able to include up to 250 characters in your status.

Inbuilt Lock

WhatsApp Plus comes with an integrated lock. This means there is no need for additional applications or any third-party software to secure your Whatsapp. You can alter your chat style and the style of writing on the WhatsApp chats.

Hide Tick

You can conceal the Blue and Grey ticks. This can help you conceal what the content of your message is. When the message is delivered, you will be notified by one gray tick. Users can conceal their typing and recording status when in chats with other users.

Send Big Files

You may choose to upload documents up to 100MB. They can be spreadsheets, PDFs, documents as well as slideshows. It is possible to send videos as large as 30MB. This is a great price for the capacity that’s been boosted. You can block specific messages. You can make use of this feature to delete specific chats according to what you want.

Anti Ban & High Privacy

Anti-Ban, also known as Ban Proof option that prevents the possibility of banning users out of WhatsApp. Therefore, you do not have to be worried about this feature anymore! The application has the top privacy mods (privacy functions). You can customize your privacy concerns and use WhatsApp in your own way.

Auto Reply

It has an Auto-Reply feature for messages and chats. There are instances when you’re working. When you are busy you might fail to respond to those who send you messages. It is a feature that WhatsApp Plus reverts them automatically via an automated text.

A few of the WhatsApp features Plus

    • You will be able to cover the last sighting of you WhatsApp profile.
    • WhatsApp Plus lets you send more than 10 pictures simultaneously. In addition, you don’t have to compromise the quality of the photos to be sent. They can be sent in high resolution and it will be completed without hassle.
    • You’ll be able receive notifications regarding the messages that were removed.
    • Anti-Revoke messages will not allow other users erase the messages they sent.
    • You can turn off calls to voice at any time you wish.
    • You can enable your DND option to stop all incoming and outgoing calls.
    • You can also schedule WhatsApp messages.
    • The site allows you to change the colors of your icons and notifications without any problem.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK?

The use of this application is easy and you do not have to do any hassle. It is easy to download the app and have it installed on the device you are using Android Device which, too is a breeze!

The process of installing is easy, and you don’t have to be an expert in any way to complete the process. It’s possible that this is a more technical. However, before I begin to describe the process I would like you to take a look about the decision is whether or not you should be a bit more relaxed and call an expert while using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Download WhatsApp Plus 2022

So, you do not have to be an expert on this site also. WhatsApp Plus is just a upgraded version WhatsApp and is nothing more than that. It is possible to download and install the entire thing on your own.

NOTE: I am already guessing that you have the WhatsApp Plus app installed on the app store on your Android device. You must remove your regular WhatsApp which you’ve used for so long before installing WhatsApp Plus. To do that first you must have backups of your chats and the information you have in your WhatsApp up to now.

Install WhatsApp Plus on your Android device ( Latest Version )

Before proceeding to the steps to install which I will describe below, you’ll have to select the Settings option first, and then enable “Unknown Sources.” It’s not difficult to do. It is enough to enable it by clicking a checkmark on the top of the page or pressing an option beside.

After you have done it then move on to the next step:

    • Go to Settings then go to Chats and finally , click on backup. The process of backing up could take only a few minutes. Don’t get overly excited or too fast. It will take a while until the entire backup process is completed. This procedure is generally followed when you don’t wish to lose any prior data, the chats and messages. When the backup process is completed and completed, you’ll have all the chats you have saved on your device.
    • You can now proceed into the following step. Navigate to Settings Then, select WhatsApp from the Apps section and select the option to uninstall. You’ll notice that your WhatsApp will be removed from your device and you’re now ready to download WhatsApp Plus now.
  • GB WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version
    • Then, you can start then the WhatsApp Plus Apk which has already been downloaded on your device. Just click the install button and then install the application on your device. It will be possible to access WhatsApp Plus Apk when the installation is complete.
    • The next steps are exactly like what you have installed to install the normal WhatsApp Apk. You will need to input your mobile number, you will receive the message to your mobile number. The message will include an OTP which is an entirely automatic notification. Input the code for verification in the manner you will be required to do, in the display.
    • You must now restore your backup. Then, create a profile name, then you’ll be asked select your profile photo to complete the entire procedure.

Installation requirements for installing WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone

    • A reliable Internet connection.
    • Of course, you’ll require an Android smartphone that runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above that.
    • Keep an archived copy of your data to ensure that you don’t lose any information and then keep searching for it in the future.

Latest Changelogs

    • Updates of New Version: v8.40 – 16/04/2020
    • New Updated Base-v8.40 (PlayStore)
    • Add Video Playback in your Favorite Player (Mod 7.00)
    • Addition – Payments (to enable request from an individual who has already has activated payments)
    • (Super Exclusive) – Notice of Revoked messages
    • Addition – Ability to hide group descriptions in the head (Mod 8.4)
    • The Back button has been added to Convert video to GIF
    • [Exclusive] Group description enabled
    • Added – Mention Button
    • Description of the group in the header
    • Fixed – delete Auto Reply
    • Fixed – Chat counter hidden from view on Widget
    • Updated – Online/Last Seen Status Size of the Contacts screen (Mod 2.4.13A)
    • Fixed – Opening of Hidden Chat through Group Info
    • Fixed – Admin Caption (Mod 1.2.64)
    • Auto-reply feature enhanced
    • Edit auto-reply messages
    • Added – Themed New Group Page, Broadcast Page, Custom Chats Screen and Scheduler Page
    • New – Highlight participants with no saved name (Mod 1.2.67)
    • Add – Online/Last seen status Dimensions on the Main Screen (Mod 2.2.30A)
    • More Bug Fixes

Last Words

WhatsApp Plus includes an updated version of WhatsApp that is designed to provide a higher quality of performance. These features make this application so popular with the users that when you begin using it, you’ll surely be able feel the pleasure it brings! Leave us a note about your experience with it! Thank you!

After you’ve experienced the new capabilities offered by WhatsApp Plus I’m sure that you enjoyed it, and are sure to not like the previous version. Do you agree? Yes, I thought that it was, because anyone who doesn’t wish to have the best features of the app, and, of course, for absolutely no cost.

If you wish for your friends and family members as well to also enjoy the advantages of using WhatsApp Plus show them how to get this app, and install it to begin using! Spread the word to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to use this amazing interface.



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