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How To Use VidIQ Boost In Free 2021 | Free VidIQ Pro | Free VidIQ Boost+ In 2021

How to Use VidIQ Boost Free 2021

No special skills are required to use VidIQ Pro VidIQ Boost VidIQ Boost + because you have to upload the file you want to edit on a computer drive. By default, VidIQ will scan the uploaded files.

YouTube Videos SEO: Increase Your Video Rating

When it comes to video content, taking advantage of YouTube is your most valuable asset. It is the second most visited site globally and has over two billion active users a month.

But, most importantly, YouTube is owned by Google. Therefore, YouTube videos may bypass their competitors from other sites and end up being found by Google search results. Google does not show videos on its homepage. Google selects specific types of questions.

Other questions that Google answers with the help of video reviews:

In this article, let’s take a look at various things that can help you improve your YouTube and Google standards.

1: Find the right keywords with VidIQ

  • AutoComplete for YouTube and Google
  • Research Competitions
  • Position Tracker

2: Configure Videos With VidIQ

  • Title
  • Definition
  • Tags
  • Sounds good
  • Encouragement

3: Thumbnails

4: Use YouTube Statistics

Finding the right keywords can show you popular topics, thus helping you understand what content you need to identify. Additionally, using them in the titles and descriptions of your videos can enhance your search on YouTube and Google with VidIQ. Three Ways to Help You Get the Keywords:

Auto-completion of YouTube and Google

There you will see the most important words, as they reflect the basic user questions. Here’s what it looks like on YouTube Armed with a listing in this screenshot, you can point to many popular ideas for your following videos.

Alternatively, Google can help you understand the competitive level of any specific keyword. You need to enter the site: youtube.com in your search query and look at the number of results shown by Google.

Research Competitions With VidIQ

One well-tested way to choose your video titles is to look at some of the most popular channels in your field with VidIQ. You can also edit videos the way you like, so you don’t waste time browsing them all.

After all, it’s easier said than done. This type of manual labor requires a great deal of time and effort. However, there is another way to do this quickly and in detail.

Position Tracker

One of the tools that can help you do in-depth keyword research is Rank Tracker. It has nine-word search methods that can help you get the most accurate results over time. Rank Tracker comes with a set of filters to help you select keywords.

2: Prepare videos

One of the primary purposes here is to get users to click on your videos. Also, show YouTube and Google that your content has a specific search purpose. Do you find it confusing to come up with exciting articles and explanations?


Use no more than 60 characters in the title. Use a clear picture of the purpose of your video. In this way,


Google claims that a thousand characters in your video description are the legal limit for YouTube. Start with the first three lines (usually 100-120 characters) – they are part of your description shown above the fold. Include the most important links and direct pronouns in the first lines.


When you use the best tags, you help YouTube better categorize and recommend your videos to more viewers who like this type of content.

To make more tags, you can use keywords directly in your title and description, or go ahead and try those used in other popular videos. Keeping them simple is also very important here. So, don’t include too many of your videos – choose the most relevant topics to the given situation.

Another essential thing to keep in mind here is that tags are not automatically displayed to users. So, if you want to research the topics used by your competitors, you can’t do without some essential extensions. One of them is VidIQ Vision for YouTube for Chrome, which you can download for free. Displays hidden video and channel tags: With the help of this extension, you can analyze topics used by your competitors and find the ones you don’t have.

Sounds Good

Did you know that Google can now mark significant moments in videos? Using its new AI-driven approach, Google analyzes pre-recorded YouTube videos and finds itself the category most relevant to your query.

As you can see in the picture above, now, you can quickly get to the video section you need most. Skip areas that are not important to you.

Suppose you want a homemade donut recipe, but you are only interested in making a glaze. If you answer your question correctly, Google will take you directly to the video section, creating a glaze. To take advantage of this feature as a video maker, be sure.


One way you can attract more viewers is to promote your videos across all your social media accounts – for example, Joshua Weissman with over three million subscribers. Not only does he actively participate in conversations with his fans, but he also enthusiastically promotes his new videos on all social media platforms.

3: Thumbnails

An icon is the first thing any user sees while browsing a list of videos to watch where your competitors’ prominence is found.

After all, it would help if you had a different style. An icon with an advertising logo is a way to spread product awareness and personal display: Marion’s Kitchen always uses iconic heroes, making it easy to classify its videos.

Use YouTube stats

It is the final step in your process of understanding your target audience, good topics, and increasing video. If you need access to YouTube Analytics, you can go to studio.youtube.com, sign in from there, go to your YouTube channel, and click the YouTube Studio button. On the statistics page, you can see all your channel performance data.

To better understand your performance on YouTube, you can dive deeper into your latest data in a random video or video group. Choose any metric you are interested in and get more details about it. For example, check the length of your video view and find the right size to keep your viewers engaged.

Final Thoughts

If you do not forget to follow the latest updates and styles and protect your spam and non-compliance with YouTube and Google rules, you will be able to play your opponents, improve your standards, and make more profit with your business.

Use VidIQ Boost For Free 2021

Step 1: Download VidIQ Chrome Extension

Step 2: Login To VidIQ

Step 3: Go To Manage Extension

Step 4: Enable Developer Mode ( Right Top Corner )

Step 5: Download VidIQ File

Step 6: Drag In To Extension

How To Use VidIQ Boost In Free 2021

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