Best Bot Names 2022 | ChatBot Names | Best Robot Names Latest 2022

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

5 Steps To a Catchy Bot Names

The advent of chatbots creates new opportunities, but it’s got to have an appropriate alias. A name that says, “I’m helpful but not annoying.”

They might not be paid. However, chatbots perform the duties of a chatbot daily. Sometimes, they’re the first person on your team to greet customers and provide assistance. You don’t want to hinder your customer’s experience by naming your bot something inappropriate. disadvantage by calling your bot with a simple and generic such as “Helper Bot.” It’s the same as saying that your team’s human representative is “Service Agent 1.”

A memorable, clever bot name can help to make your customer service team more accessible. Finding the perfect name isn’t as difficult as it sounds. However, I’ve put together several good steps you can use to make the process simpler.

1: Determine the purpose of your Chatbot

Chatbots are a tool at the very least. Their goal is to take the user from point one to the other. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot stylishly perform the task. A clearly defined role can aid in visualizing your bot’s role and assigning it a proper name.

Chatbots can be described as conversational virtual assistants, while others automate routine tasks. Chatbots can answer basic questions from customers, forward live chat messages or help customers through your application.

After you’ve defined the bot’s purpose and capabilities, think about your business as well as your brand, customers, and. The ideal scenario is for your Chatbot to be a part of your business.

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In the retail sector, a client could easily receive assistance from a cute chatbot who is fun now and then. In the case of a personal chatbot on an app for banking, the customer might prefer conversing with a professional and knowledgeable bot.

This is just a theory. This is why it’s crucial to be aware of your bot’s goals and purpose before choosing a name and creating your bot. Those fun details come later.

Do not be concerned about finding the perfect unique name. Simply giving your Chatbot the name can help your customers trust the bot more and build an emotional bond. You’re on the right track.

2: Create A Persona For Your Bot

It’s part of our nature to assign human traits to live objects. Customers naturally assign the Chatbot an identity when you don’t. If you would like your bot to represent the role of a specific person, you should take the initiative.

Personality can also make a bot more enjoyable and engaging to talk to. Your Chatbot might be boring, uninteresting, or even difficult to remember without an identity.

Once you’ve determined your bot’s personality and its role, you can develop its tone and voice. Writing your conversational U.I. script is like writing a play or choose-your-own-adventure story. Try creating an easy but intriguing background for your robot. Screenwriters are the ones who discover the voices for their film characters and could be a way to aid you in finding the voice of your bot.

For example, suppose you have a fishing supply company and have a bot to assist in suggesting products to your customers. Here are the names of chatbots to avoid:

  • Obvious: Supply Finder Bot
  • Descriptive: Find Fishing Supplies Bot
  • Boring: Fishing Bot or Fishy the Bot

Here’s a suggestion that might be useful:

“Roe-bot” (“roe” is a huge mass of eggs from fish)

Roe, which I would prefer to refer to, is the name of a nice trout found on Lake Erie. Roe’s task is to greet people and assist them in locating specific fishing gear.

“Robot,” as the name suggests “, Roe-bot” may not tell the user immediately that it can help suggest products; however, this is the point where the bot’s conversations and character come to play.

I’m probably going to take a step back from the puns; however, since Roe’s name itself is a pun, I ran through the idea. Be aware that wordplays don’t have to be included to make a great bot name. Some businesses aren’t able to adopt such a snarky approach, and not all clients get this self-satire. A chatbot at a bank or Chatbot for real estate may require a more professional and serious tone.

Take a look at our blog post about how to choose the ideal chatbot character for your company’s brand. We can assist you in making your Chatbot’s avatar.

3: Choose If You’d Like Either A “Human” or “Robot” Name

iRobot is the company behind Roomba. The Roomba robotic vacuum carried out a study of the names that their customers have given their robot. Eight are human names of the ten most well-known names, such as Rosie, Alfred, Hazel and Ruby.

A simple human name that is easy to understand is a wise option since people may identify it as familiar and comfortable. According to Adam Alter, an anthropologist who works at New York University, “When we can process a piece of information more easily, when it’s easier to comprehend, we come to like it more.”

But, we’re not suggesting that you convince your customers that they’re talking with a real human. The reason is that you’ll be unsuccessful, and secondly, since even if you be successful, it would just make them feel a bit scared.

Your clients’ trust you if you attempt to deceive them. You may still make it appear as if the Chatbot’s a glamorous real estate agent, and call it Armando But, be aware of these guidelines in the creation of a “human” bot:

          • Let the Chatbot present itself to the world as a bot when it makes its greeting.
          • Make use of an illustration as a profile picture instead of a photograph.
          • Incorporate buttons and a carousel into the chat to clarify that the conversation is not automated.
          • Chatbots should be able to forward chats and contact details to agents to draw a clear line between the two.

When it comes to choosing a name for a human, We suggest picking easy, warm, and capable names.

Human name suggestions:

Ann, Dan, Lizzie, Emma, James, Jenn, John, Julie, Mark, Matt, Nick, Noah, Olivia, Sarah, Sophia, Tom

NOTE: These names are English-specific and may not work for your intended audience. These are just examples of the kinds of names that people within the particular demographic would understand. Appropriate names will differ based on the location, the target audience’s language, and your region.

Robot names offer their benefits. It lets you distinguish between support provided by robots and human support. This is essential to the users:

They also allow you to have more freedom to be creative. Explore abstract concepts and acronyms like H.E.R.B.I.E. (“Humanoid Experimental Robot (B-type Integrated Electronics”) of the graphic novel “Fantastic Four” or programming languages like Oz, Jade, Ada, Lily or Pascal. These are reminiscent of robots but aren’t too obvious.

Here are some other basic “robot” names:

Tech, Link, Data, Giga, Byte, Bit, Pixel, Macro, Meta, Swipe, Tap, Chip, Cookie

For examples of successful robot names in the real world and media, look up Paste Magazine’s listing of the 40 Top Robots from All Time.

4: Consider If The Name Could Be Gender-Specific

Do you think that your Chatbot needs to have a gender? If yes, what gender and the reason behind it?

The female name may be the best option, considering how well-liked they are among the current robots and voice assistants. The idea of giving robots names based on women isn’t an entirely new concept, however. The M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory created an algorithm for processing languages named Eliza in 1966, and a host of others came along.

A study commissioned from Amdocs found an average of 36% of customers preferred female chatbots over one that was male (14 per cent). A polite, caring, and smart person also scored very highly as desirable personality traits.

Giving an identity of the female gender to A.I. might appear like a sensible option when it comes to choosing names. However, your company could be promoting gender discrimination.

Artificial intelligence that is gender-specific helps us connect with them, but it also has negative consequences for promoting gender stereotypes.

Veronica Belmont for Chatbots Magazine

The best option is to provide your Chatbot with the name of a neutral entity that doesn’t cause any debate. Creative or cute names like “Swelly”, an interactive chatbot portrayed as the whale, or “Woebot”, an emotional bot that assists in battling depression and monitoring your mood. They show you can provide your Chatbot with a unique non-human non-robot title that is memorable and concise.

Here are some more adorable gender-neutral names:

Boo, Pep, Flip, Coco, Sprout, Mochi, Fig, Dot, Taz, Sunny, Mizu, Bloom

Ensure That Your Chatbot Functions.

Indeed, an appealing name won’t mean much if your Chatbot has a bad reputation.

Because chatbots aren’t fully autonomous, they could be an issue if they have insufficient information. If clients are dissatisfied with your bot’s automatic responses, they might think your company is ignorant and unprofessional. Even “Roe” could pull that fish back aboard by sprinkling a few funny puns.

However, you cannot be sure your Chatbot will comprehend each need, which is why we recommend using the live chat option. In contrast to standalone chatbot options, bots linked with your chat system will forward conversations to your representatives when they encounter issues or when a customer requests.

We at ifreeseotools offer the Logic Bot connected to our live chat service to allow you to monitor the Chatbot’s performance right on your Dashboard. This lets you keep a watch on your Chatbot and make adjustments as needed. Many digital assistants give bots an undeserved bad name.

How To Choose A Good Name For Your Chatbot?

Have you ever thought about what to consider when choosing a suitable brand name for your bot? It may appear trivial. However, it is crucial to the success of every Chatbot. Additionally, the name will reflect your brand’s image to potential customers and clients.

When you’re developing an automated chatbot to help your business or working on a fun project, you must find a catchy name.

Every Chatbot is given a name and an identity. What should the name of your Chatbot be? With every new industry, more applications and services are launched every day.

Every company is trying to stand out from the competitors to stand apart. This is why it creates an opportunity to develop a distinctive branding for the Chatbot you are developing.

The name of chatbots must be reflective of their function and their purpose. However, it’s not as simple as it appears.

Here are some helpful suggestions to help you choose a catchy name for your bot:

          • Keep it simple and easy to remember
          • Chatbot names must be easy to understand, as well as memorable.
          • Consider your group and the preferences of their customers.
          • Explore the potential for the future of your Chatbot
          • Pick something simple to pronounce and spell.
          • Be imaginative. Beware of generic names
          • Avoid spelling names that won’t slip off your tongue

Catchy Chatbot Names

Are you a socially-savvy marketer? Are you a person with a flair for chatbots that are cutting-edge? Maybe you’re trying to start by creating a unique username for your brand-new Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

No matter your reasons, the list of cute bot names will be useful. Check it out!

  1. Blabbermouth
  2. Hercules
  3. Konversation
  4. Lollipop
  5. Smart Bot
  6. Hey
  7. Bigmouth
  8. Chatty Galore
  9. Jovial Bot
  10. Fat Bot
  11. Supersmart
  12. Bleep Bloop
  13. The Monkey
  14. Volter Bot
  15. Fintech Bot
  16. SuchBot (such bot!)
  17. Robot (new bot with new features, exciting news.)
  18. Funny Guy
  19. Clever Bot
  20. Dimwit
  21. Okay Sir
  22. Cybernetic
  23. Digital Dave
  24. Mr Robot
  25. Pepper Bot
  26. Baxi
  27. Tutorial Bot
  28. CloudBot
  29. Cometbot
  30. Comet Bot
  31. Albus
  32. Anthony Bot
  33. Brooke_the_bot
  34. Bumper Bot
  35. Chandler the Chatbot 
  36. Charlotte
  37. Smart One
  38. Abracadabra Bot
  39. Chatbot Creations
  40. Alchemist Bot
  41. Alpheus
  42. Beast
  43. Bot of Hearts
  44. Laser Bot
  45. Mind Reader
  46. Proton Bot
  47. Hail Bot
  48. Tornado Bot
  49. Insightful Bot
  50. Rapid Bot
  51. Bot of Honor
  52. Self-learning Bot
  53. Botspy
  54. Retelbot
  55. Respond Bot
  56. Responder
  57. Responder Bot
  58. Quick Bot
  59. Alma Bot
  60. Baby Bot
  61. Cindy Bot
  62. Awesome Bot
  63. Growth Bot
  64. Sharona
  65. The Nanny
  66. Betsy
  67. Vera
  68. Stella
  69. Marjory
  70. Shirley
  71. Ace Bot
  72. FamilyBot
  73. Farmer Bot
  74. Robbie the Robot
  75. Palmilla
  76. Aika
  77. Nicky
  78. Anniebot
  79. Megbot
  80. Jennybot
  81. Frasier
  82. Romeo
  83. Cleverbot Buddy
  84. Lucy
  85. Andrew
  86. Jasper
  87. My Belle
  88. America
  89. Cookiebot
  90. Jane
  91. Ask Jeeves
  92. Tayto Talk
  93. Erica
  94. Alpha 60
  95. Rico
  96. Bobo
  97. Ask Becky
  98. Cyber Lox
  99. Alexia

Creative Bot Names

Chatbots are the latest trend in technology. If you are looking to capitalize on the growing popularity of chatbots, it is essential to have an imaginative Chatbot’s name which is simple to recall and stands apart. It’s difficult to find distinctive, imaginative, and appealing names.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

If you’re working on a chatbot-related project and have been stuck in the process of naming, feel at ease to utilize these innovative names ideas for naming your chatbots apps or other products that revolve around chatbots.

  1. Welcome Bot
  2. Kodak
  3. Petra
  4. Adana
  5. Prodigy
  6. Margaret
  7. Christina
  8. Tin Bot
  9. Aida
  10. Oscar
  11. Hanna
  12. Gadget
  13. Commander
  14. Connie
  15. Eyebot
  16. Trivia Bot
  17. Emma
  18. Forte Bot
  19. Candy
  20. Amy
  21. Aidan
  22. Laura
  23. Asha
  24. Cecilia
  25. Dawn
  26. Genie
  27. Talk Bot
  28. Julia Bot
  29. Chatterbot
  30. Freda
  31. Blade
  32. Helen
  33. Mya
  34. Elvis Bot
  35. Gradient Bot
  36. Howdy Howdy
  37. Gateway Bot
  38. Selenabot
  39. Dana
  40. Arghbot
  41. Way Bot
  42. Henry
  43. Botnik
  44. Wonder Bot
  45. Ambra
  46. Ashley
  47. Chloe
  48. Eliza
  49. Alicia
  50. Echobot
  51. Mario
  52. Hello There
  53. Scarlett
  54. Assist Bot
  55. Creative Bot
  56. Belinda
  57. Note Bot
  58. Owl Bot
  59. Super Bot
  60. Clankbot
  61. Betty
  62. Sophie
  63. Achievement Bot

Cool Bot Names

Companies are increasingly using chatbots to interact with clients, collect data on them, and provide customized services to them.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

If you don’t like common names and are searching for cool names for your Chatbot, This section is ideal for you. Below are some stylish chatbot name suggestions for you to choose from. Enjoy!

  1. Cupid Bot
  2. Pam
  3. Samantha
  4. Becky
  5. Wickie
  6. Zen
  7. Helper Bot
  8. Hi Bot
  9. Becky
  10. Homer
  11. Helperbot
  12. Buddy Bot
  13. Herbie
  14. Chatbot Agent
  15. Alice
  16. Gigi
  17. Amy
  18. Delphyne
  19. Jane
  20. Dee Dee
  21. Carrie Bot
  22. Karaoke Bot
  23. Bernadette Bot
  24. Judy
  25. Amazebot
  26. Lisa
  27. Avatar
  28. Delilah
  29. Pluto
  30. Here 2 Help
  31. Donna
  32. Ava
  33. A1 Bot
  34. Baby Bot
  35. Jimmy
  36. Michaela
  37. X-Talk
  38. Chipbot
  39. Joanna
  40. Charlie Bot
  41. Yanna
  42. Harmony
  43. Arch Bot
  44. Friend Bot
  45. Map Pin Bot
  46. Lo Lamabot
  47. Aimee
  48. Tess Bot
  49. Blue Jaybot
  50. Dev

Funny Bot Names

Customers have a very brief attention time. In many instances, customers don’t even need to wait for chatbots to complete their chat before getting down to business. That’s why you should have an appealing brand name for your bot, which will distinguish it from the crowd of rivals.


Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

A little amusement to the name could make a difference.

We’ve scoured the web to develop a list of funny bot names that can inspire you to think about your ideas. Enjoy!

  1. Dreamy Destiny
  2. Odette Drizzle
  3. Carrot Dash
  4. Pyramid Panhellenic
  5. Quartz Pumpkaboo
  6. Feisty Fueler
  7. Goddess Georgia
  8. Ambitious Ollie
  9. Feminine Figaro
  10. Fishy
  11. The Joker
  12. Japlip
  13. Mutiny
  14. OddBot
  15. Robotnik
  16. Claptrap
  17. Botters Delight
  18. Mr Weasel
  19. Roger Bean
  20. Chatty Cathy
  21. Digital Friend
  22. Gossip Girl
  23. Laughbot
  24. Frankbot
  25. Chucklebot
  26. Googlebot
  27. Smiles Bot -\_(tsu)_/-
  28. Happiness Bot
  29. Jokester Bot
  30. Good Vibes Bot :):)
  31. Joy Bot
  32. DragonBot
  33. Franky Automator
  34. Important Bot
  35. Ghost
  36. The Botfather
  37. Lovely Bot
  38. Amusing Bot
  39. Hearty Bot
  40. Deep Bot

Female Bot Names

The chatbot market has been dominated by males in recent decades, as shown from the bot names used on various online social networks.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

It is better to choose an attractive name to ensure that your Chatbot can be easily accessible to users and they will feel comfortable approaching you. If you’re in search of an appropriate name for your female-voiced bot, you’re in the right place!

Below, we’ve listed some fascinating female bot names ideas that will spark your imagination.

  1. Mia
  2. Emma
  3. Josephine
  4. Charlotte
  5. Alice
  6. Janey
  7. Annabelle
  8. Katheryn
  9. Bethany
  10. Agnetha
  11. Alice
  12. Kayla
  13. Brooke
  14. Gracia
  15. Gabriella
  16. Isabella
  17. Anna
  18. Aurora
  19. Florence
  20. Joanna
  21. Kathryn
  22. Genevieve
  23. Agnes
  24. Amy
  25. Addison
  26. Abby
  27. Jennifer
  28. Ada
  29. Amanda
  30. Tess
  31. April
  32. Athena
  33. Anastasia
  34. June
  35. Gloria
  36. Belinda
  37. Catherine
  38. Elizabeth
  39. Helena
  40. Grace
  41. Sally
  42. Eva
  43. Angela
  44. Jennifer
  45. Jenny
  46. Ellie
  47. Katrina
  48. Cora
  49. Katie
  50. Leah
  51. Jane
  52. Layla
  53. Ella
  54. Julia
  55. Elsa
  56. Claudia

Unique Chatbot Names

Chatbots are gaining popularity and have led to a surge in the world of conversational marketing. Users increasingly flock to platforms, which has left businesses with an impasse.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

There’s no shortage in the number of companies that are embracing this new marketing approach, but how do you make your Chatbot make a mark? Create distinctive (and humorous) names that represent your brand’s personality and leave an impression when you’re done.

To assist you, here are some original but creative chatbot games to stimulate your imagination and pick a great title for the Chatbot you’ve created.

  1. Evobot
  2. Buffybot
  3. Marvin
  4. Bender
  5. Bingo
  6. Aprilbot
  7. My World Is Awesome
  8. Jemima Bot
  9. Foxy
  10. Mary
  11. Alpha Tango
  12. Eliza
  13. Annabelle
  14. Holly
  15. Fido
  16. Nella
  17. Lucky
  18. Morpheus
  19. Miss Clever
  20. Beep Boop
  21. Pedro
  22. Flash
  23. Maxy
  24. Teddie
  25. Emma
  26. Bootie
  27. Zeus Bots
  28. She
  29. A Ninja
  30. Justin Bot
  31. Angel Bot
  32. Amy Bot
  33. Talking Tina
  34. Oliver
  35. Betty 2 U
  36. Anna
  37. Robotina
  38. Arabella
  39. Pinky
  40. Gracie
  41. Liliabot
  42. Seth
  43. Explorer
  44. Tetherbot
  45. DJ Bot
  46. Mind Reader
  47. Athena
  48. Robot
  49. Jeannie
  50. Alexus
  51. David
  52. Eve
  53. Membership Bot
  54. Eve
  55. Gemma
  56. Chuck Bot
  57. Elvis
  58. Bumble Bot
  59. Ada
  60. Moby
  61. Bot Amigo
  62. Marlone
  63. Kendra
  64. Arnold
  65. Sassy
  66. Boba Tutu
  67. Goo Bot
  68. Black Widow Bot
  69. Peppy
  70. Ai 2 U
  71. Echo
  72. Agent Smith
  73. I John
  74. Ginny
  75. Genie
  76. Daisy

HR Chatbot Names

A chatbot specifically designed for human resource management could be a huge help for both employers and job seekers. If you’re developing an H.R. chatbot, the initial task is to find an appealing name.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022

The right bot names can be a big help in making the user experience memorable and personalized for your customers. Unfortunately, coming up with imaginative names is more difficult than it sounds.

To make the process easier for us, we’ve come up with an H.R. chatbot list of names you could use to start.

  1. H.R. Executive Bot
  2. Hiring Bot
  3. Career Chatbot
  4. Pilot
  5. Robo George
  6. Bob!
  7. Mr Spock
  8. Assertiveness Bot
  9. HR-Confidence-bot
  10. HR-TimeSavior
  11. HR-Compliance
  12. HR Solutions
  13. Boty
  14. Both – A chatbot designed to make the new hire paperwork easier!
  15. Alpha
  16. Alfred
  17. Blair
  18. Blake
  19. Bobby
  20. Betsy
  21. Betty Bobo
  22. Boy Wonder
  23. Genie
  24. Nemo
  25. Jeeves
  26. Amy
  27. Friendly H.R. Bot
  28. Amber
  29. Angie
  30. Ada
  31. Eve
  32. Hal
  33. Libby
  34. Christa
  35. Clementine
  36. Clara
  37. Eliza
  38. Elsie
  39. Emma
  40. Mabel
  41. Sadie
  42. Tillie
  43. Winifred
  44. Blossom
  45. Bonita
  46. Billie
  47. Derrick
  48. Petra

Chatbot Name Generator

Are you tired of the same boring names? Do you need some inspiration? Don’t worry! Check out some of these great names suggested by a chatbot’s name generator.

Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
Best Bot Names 2022 ChatBot Names Best Robot Names 2022
  1. Glad Bot
  2. Steve
  3. Winnie
  4. Enzo
  5. Nerdbot
  6. Mira
  7. Anna Bot
  8. Thora
  9. Morgan
  10. Ruby
  11. Gloria
  12. Amy
  13. Sarah
  14. Jane
  15. Titan
  16. Jeeves
  17. Alice
  18. Gossip Bot
  19. Lucy
  20. Buddy
  21. Tabby
  22. Rythmia
  23. Epstein
  24. Helen
  25. Nippy
  26. Elsa
  27. Dotty
  28. Beta Bot
  29. Geekbot
  30. John
  31. Jenny
  32. Cho Co
  33. Tech Buddy
  34. Bonnie
  35. Alpha
  36. Celeste
  37. Mimi Bot
  38. Cleverbot
  39. Freddy
  40. Iron Bot
  41. Locutus
  42. Betty
  43. Hello Robot
  44. Mallory
  45. Alana
  46. Model Customer Bot
  47. Sophie Bot
  48. Vera
  49. Nellie

Conclusion: Chatbot Names

You’ve read a lot of chatbot name concepts specially designed to suit your needs, and this article should help you find the ideal title for the Chatbot you’ve created.

Of course, the fact that the name is on this list doesn’t mean that it will be the ideal fit for your business. However, it’s sufficient to get your creativity going and assist you in coming up with some unique names that you can use for the bot.

We hope you enjoy looking through these chatbot names. Feel free to contact us if you suggest something or inquire about a particular chatbot’s name.



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